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Getting Unstuck


Connect to yourself. Live on your terms. Reach your potential.

Hadley Ordway, Transformational Life Coach


I specialize in helping people overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams. I help people to align with their values connect to their inner knowing and help them move beyond the mental blocks that are holding them back from living well each day. Powerful transformation and lasting change occurs through human connection and self-compassion. The wisdom is inside you. Together we will help you see it.


I Am A Life Coach Who Helps People Get Unstuck



What can Life Coaching help you to do?

  • Figure out your values and align your life to them

  • Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals

  • Get over fears and change your job or habits

  • Learn to manage anxiety and stress, and become content within your world




Life Coaching One On One

When you connect to your knowing and what is important to you it creates more energy and less stress. When you re-learn to trust yourself you become more empowered in your life.

I offer 60 minute One On One Coaching dedicated to you and your needs.
Using Zoom conference call or phone.

I understand it can feel uncomfortable opening up to someone. To ensure this is going to be the right fit for both of us, I offer a free 30 minute consultation so we can chat and I can answer any questions you may have.

Contact me to book a free 30 minute consult call or if you have any questions or are curious about coaching.



"Before meeting Hadley, I had no idea that coaching could be this helpful! With great compassion and engagement she was able to coax out of me the answers I already held, and then she suggested excellent strategies that have proven successful and gratifying long term." 

Kerrie B.

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