Q. “I don’t really know what a coach is. How is it different from therapy, or just talking to my best friend?”

A. A therapist may diagnose conditions or dig into specific issues, a coach will support you in creating the future you want for yourself. And while best friends are wonderful, they can be a little biased! A coach is able to remain objective, see things from a perspective that someone close to you simply can’t, and most importantly, a coach is trained in proven methodology and tools that can help you uncover and remove the blocks that are getting in the way of living the life that you desire.

Q. “What happens if I have to miss a session?”

A. Although it’s most effective to do the sessions weekly, life happens, and that’s why we can do the 8 sessions over a 10-week period. Likewise, if I am unable to commit to a session the following week, our time together will be extended to accommodate.

Q. “I’ve felt stuck for what feels like forever. Will 8-weeks of coaching make much of a difference?”

A. I’m going to be straight with you – working on connecting to yourself and learning to manage stress is not a quick fix - it’s a practice. Expecting yourself to have a whole new mentality after years of thinking one way, is a tall order for anyone. Coaching for 8-weeks will not take you all the way from A to Z. However, what we will do is take the first few important steps on a new, positive path.  You will have tools in hand that you can use in your daily life so that in time, you will see lasting change. And since this is a process, you have the option to continue your coaching with me afterwards in a time frequency that works for you.

Are you ready to get unstuck and feel less stressed?