• Hadley


Accepting Reality is intentional active process of making conscious choices or decisions. We all accept things automatically each day without spending time thinking about it. We accept when we turn the faucet on the water will flow out. We accept that when we go to the grocery store there will be shelves of food. We accept that that when we wake up in the morning the sun will have risen. We accept certain things because we like them or have neutral responses to them and they are always there. There are other things that we don’t want to accept like painful/uncomfortable situations. The problem with refusing to accept these kinds of things is refusing them can result in getting stuck. Acceptance is a way out of suffering. Deciding to tolerate the reality of our own stories is acceptance. Acceptance is acknowledging the reality of what is, has been and making a conscious decision to accept things are the way they are. Often if there is a problem and you accept it then a solution can be addressed and possibly found. If it is a situation that can not be changed then movement towards freedom can occur and the pain associated with the situation can be felt and healed. Accepting Reality requires action. It is a CHOICE. Acceptance is like coming to a fork in the road and you can choose to focus your mind on accepting not on the “rejecting reality.” You get to choose to make an inner commitment to accept. The COMMITMENT to accept is the first step. OVER AND OVER AND OVER you will need to repeat turning your mind towards committing and accepting.

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