• Hadley

Fear Is Not The Enemy

Often fear is considered bad or wrong. but what if we remove the judgment of fear? Fear is what it is. Fear is a normal reaction one has to a threat. It is important for us to feel fear because it can help us to navigate and react if we need to. Let’s say there is a tiger chasing you, you want to feel fear so that you get up and run away. The problem comes in when we react to fear with a response when there is not something to actually fear. Are you willing to face the fear? Are you willing to teach your body that you can handle the food, the emotions and life? It is important to help yourself and empower yourself so that you can feel the fear. Use tools to help yourself cope with the fear. YOU have the power. Once you start facing the fear the intensity will come down and over time the fear won’t feel as big or huge. If you avoid the fear aka food/rest it will increase the fear. The vagus nerve helps us rest, digest and distress. Stimulating our vagus nerve can help us to simmer down. The vagus nerve is connected to our vocal cords and the muscles in the back of our throat. Stimulating the vagus nerve will help our body to deal with anxiety, depression and off the hyperarousal flight/fight stress response. Singing, humming, chanting and gargling can activate these muscles and stimulate your vagus nerve. When you activate the vagus nerve you can help turn on the parasympathetic nervous system which then will help to calm or relax your body.

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