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Setting Up Your Mind For Greatness

Mindset is not the same as motivation. Mindset is focus and way to be. Motivation is more fluid. 

Mindset is can help us live aligned with our values.

It is easy to lose motivation to feel stuck which can spiral us downward but if you connect to your why’s and shift to you mindset by using empowering questions you can stop the spiral.   This can help you to rewire and retrain the brain.  Our brains like to think so feed it thoughts that benefit you.

Asking ourselves empowering questions is one way to help our brains to stay connected to our intentions.  If you read my post on intention/focus you can use those words to help you.

Grab your why words and set your mindset up for greatness.

YOU can life your life, YOU have the power.  Set your mind up to empower YOU.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself…

What is possible?

What do I (my true self) really want?

What would be a better way to think right now?

What lesson is there to learn?

What is my body saying to me?

What beliefs are limiting to me? How will you set yourself up for greatness today?

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Photos by Madelon Paauwe