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Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

Acting from your values and beliefs sets you up to produce actions that will serve you. When you are aligned with your values you can then produce actions that help you to achieve what you On average about 70,000 thoughts per day and many are the same negative thoughts on a loop. When your thoughts are not aligned with your beliefs they can create actions that don’t serve you. How do we change it? First by becoming aware of your thoughts. Notice and observe your thoughts with curiosity. Do the thoughts serve you? Do they align with your beliefs or values? You get to choose whether you believe the thought and engage with it.

Notice the thought, name it a thought by saying, “I am thinking” and then choose a different thought.

As you begin to pay attention to your thoughts check in with your values and what is true for you.

If you find that the thought doesn’t fit with you then you have the option to let it go or exchange it for another thought that does align with you and your values.

You have the power to choose your thoughts and to create new thoughts.

What thoughts do you want to think? When you have a thought that resonates with you notice how you feel. What are you feeling? Where are you feeling it in your body?

Now that you have the new thought and the feeling to go along with it what action do you want to take from this place?

Your thoughts do create the feelings, actions and your beliefs.

The process of changing your thoughts takes time and practice. Be gentle with yourself and know it is normal for it to take time.

If you want support in the process of changing your thoughts contact me

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